The team behind Body FX has been creating fitness challenges and success stories for the last decade. They have helped over 10 million people – and counting – not just survive…but THRIVE with optimal metabolic health that turns you into an energetic, fat-burning fitness dynamo.
“I’m a disabled US marine. I battled being overweight my entire life. I’ve tried all kinds of diets, but nothing worked until I found the Body FX Challenge. With the challenge I felt the same fire I felt when I was in the military. In just 12 weeks I lost 40.5 pounds (32 inches overall). Now I have the ‘pop’ and ‘pizazz’ back and I’m super happy! Body FX is the BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself!”
Jim & Dayana
“We just got married six months ago and we didn’t want to be that overweight, sluggish couple who goes out and eats unhealthy food all the time. In 8 weeks with the Body FX Challenge, We lost a combined 35 pounds!! NOW we are super excited to go to the beach again! 

The Body FX Weight Loss challenge was so easy to follow. Just drink your shakes and follow the workout schedule. They took the guesswork out of everything!”
“Body FX gave me my figure back! For the past 4 years I used to suck my stomach in all the time and NOW I don’t need to do that anymore. For the first time I’m confident wearing a bikini and tight dresses and I feel fabulous! My favorite product is the Chocolate Shake; it’s so rich and velvety. It tastes like a cake and has all the right nutrients.”
“I have struggled with my weight for the past 17 years. After 2 pregnancies, I decided I had to do something for myself and I found the Body FX Challenge. After 8 weeks, I’m down 31 pounds and I have lost 11.75 inches around my belly. It feels great to look like I’m not pregnant anymore. The Body FX Company, the products and the people have been a life changing experience for me! Thank you!”
“Body FX has helped heal me from the inside out. I was on a steady spiral further and further downhill until I found the Body FX Challenge. The combination of the supplements and the steady workouts helped reset 7 years of abuse on my body. I truly believe Body FX saved my life! I have found a family away from home. I am forever grateful to Body FX.”
“I’m a mother of 4 and I have shrunk 42 inches with the Body FX Challenge! It’s definitely possible! I finally have flat abs. I can feel muscle everywhere now. And it is so amazing! I have not worn a tight dress for 10 years and to be able to put one on now, show my curves and feel sexy…I feel so excited! To all the moms out there, anything is possible. I was not only able to lose the inches…but also it made me believe myself!” 
“I’ve always struggled to lose that last 30 pounds for years, and with the Body FX challenge I finally did it! In 8 weeks I lost 30.5 pounds and over 7 inches around my waist, and now I have ABS! I’ve been a type-2 diabetic for 15 years and I’ve never been this low and this normal in my sugar levels in 15 years. I can honestly say that the Body FX challenge has helped save my life!”
Steve & Tanya
“We are parents of two boys and we’ve been super active all our lives. Now, being in our 40’s, it’s been harder and harder to stay fit. Before the Body FX Challenge, we both were slow and lethargic. Now we have abs again, and it feels great! Protein FX is tremendous for weight loss. It makes us feel full right away and to top it all off, it is so tasty! The biggest motivation for us was the people in the community. They all are going through the same journey with us. We couldn’t wait to go on line and see everyone’s progress. It made us accountable to each other and ourselves! Being part of this program has literally changed our lives!”
“I’m an accountant and I sit at a desk all day. I’m able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want and because of that I packed extra pounds over the years. I started the Body FX Challenge and it did a tremendous job in my life! I’ve lost 19.5 pounds and overall 21.75 inches. I was so motivated by the Body FX community. Seeing other people’s results, other people’s reactions made me just go, ‘Yes, I’m tired but I need to get my butt up!" 
“I’m a 54-year old retired Naval officer. The last few years I let myself go and my body started paying for it; blood pressure went up, cholesterol went up. The Body FX Challenge gave me a brand new body! I lost 44 pounds. This was way beyond my imagination and the goals I set for myself. NOW I’m off of my cholesterol medicines. My blood pressure is down 20 points. I had to buy brand new pants because the old ones were falling off of me. The Body FX supplements work! They got me going in the morning and kept me from eating too much during the day. I can’t believe the 44 pounds are GONE!!! I feel 20 years younger! I’m a brand new Tom!”
“71 pounds ago I had so much trouble with moving, I would be so slow. Now I feel so much better. My stamina is great! I’m able to run now! I just saw my cousins and they were hugging me and telling me how I’m disappearing. It’s a GREAT feeling! 

Thank you Body FX for helping me to lose 71 pounds!
I would not have done it without you!”
Simply lose 10 pounds or 10 inches in the first TEN days, and you’ll receive a free gift from Body FX. 

We want you to see results, and hitting these numbers is a lot easier when you join the challenge. 

Scientific evidence has shown that joining a fitness challenge that has clearly set goals can be the fastest way to achieve maximum results!

Just lose 10 pounds or 10 inches in ten days. 

Becoming a member of the 10 in TEN CLUB is your first step to a healthier happier YOU!
WON $$$!
  • We have weight loss down to a science and it’s our hope to help you get in shape with our super FUN fitness challenge. 
  •  It pains us to see people struggle with their diet, get frustrated, and ultimately quit. That is why we created the 4-Week Body FX Challenge that will teach you how to eat right and exercise for weight loss and maintenance, plus give you daily tips to stay on track. We will guide you through our daily workout schedule, and hold you accountable with contact, every day! You will not only know what to do and what to eat, but you will be inspired and encouraged to do it! 
  • If hitting your fitness goals isn’t enough of a motivation, how about we add money prizes for even more motivation, accountability and excitement? The top 3 winners will receive a major cash incentive! 
Body FX
Nutrition Guide
This downloadable handbook is filled with step-by-step instructions on how to get started and when to schedule your Workouts for maximum results. Plus, a Workout Journal for each video series to track your exercise progress, show you the route, help you avoid sidetracking, and keep your final destination in focus. 
Once a week, during the challenge, you’ll receive one surprise workout. The workout instructions will be sent to you by email. 
Closed Support
Facebook Network
The Body FX Online community is made up of thousands determined individuals, so you're never alone—no matter what your dreams or how far you think you have to go. Together, we'll help you overcome doubts, inspire you to stay on track, and show you that, with a joyful attitude, incredible change is possible.
Daily Email Coaching
During the 28 day Challenge, you will receive Body FX daily emails that include subjects related to exercise, weight loss, nutrition, preventive health, and motivation. 

These emails are designed to remind, review, motivate, inspire, share, and inform. 
“Our mission is to inspire people to get fit, healthy and happy! 

No one's body is the same and our goal is to help you discover your perfect body while having a lot of fun along the way! 

We can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are to share our Body FX products and community with you! -Let's do this!💪🏼” 

-James & Jaana Kunitz
Check Out How These Body FX Challengers Are Crushing Their Goals!
We provide everything you need to reach and exceed your fitness and weight loss goals. 

Professional Support and Management
Coaching emails everyday
Nutrition Counseling
Community support
Prize money for challenge winners
Sample daily meal plan
Surprise workouts
28-day workout schedule

Just add YOU and the results are INEVITABLE!  

Normally 19.99/month
Only 11.99/mo (billed monthly)
10 Days FREE
Normally 199.00/year
Only $9/mo (billed annually)
10 Days FREE